Soft4Boost Provides An Easy Approach To Home DVD Creation For PC Novice

Sorentio Systems Ltd. - a developer dedicated to the production of system utilities, audio, video, image and burning software - has just released a new DVD-burning and authoring software - Soft4Boost DVD Creator.

For Immediate Release

November 30, 2014

Soft4Boost and its group of highly trained programmers from different parts of the globe recently released a new software application that allows PC users to easily create DVDs from various types of video files and add DVD menu to them. Soft4Boost DVD Creator allows to organize video files of most various formats into professionally-looking DVD-projects and burn DVD disc. Soft4Boost DVD Creator is specifically designed to simplify home DVD-creation to the maximum and make work with video for computer beginners more comfortable.

Soft4Boost DVD Creator takes video files of all popular video formats today (AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, VOB, MOV, QT or FLV) and creates DVD with personalized menus. You can either choose from a list of ready DVD menus or create your own DVD project applying multiple video effects, adding titles and music background. It is also possible to merge several video files into one DVD project and burn home DVD for watching on TV or PC. In preview mode you can play the created DVD project to check its quality and make sure that everything is correct. Before burning DVD disc, Soft4Boost DVD Creator makes it possible to choose between PAL or NTSC TV systems, select a necessary type of DVD media (Single or Double-Layer) and set quality parameters for a DVD-project.

Soft4Boost DVD Creator simplifies the process of home DVD creation as much as possible. A special tool-assistant guides a user step-by-step through the entire DVD-creation process, from the very beginning up to the end. Due to this feature home DVD authoring, commonly accepted as complex, becomes easily accessible for PC beginner.

Language support is strong in the Soft4Boost DVD Creator with nine languages currently available: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Danish, Turkish and Hungarian. Most translations are submitted by generous users willing to donate their efforts to other Soft4Boost users.

Soft4Boost DVD Creator can be downloaded at no charge from the Soft4Boost website and is easily installed with no specialist knowledge or experience required. It works on Win8/Win7/Vista/XP. It supports 32-bit and 64-bit and dual-core CPU.

Soft4Boost DVD Creator is a part of Soft4Boost package which consists of more than 30 system utilities, audio, video, image and burning software. A subscription to one Soft4Boost software gives the right to use any software from Soft4Boost package at your liking.

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About Soft4Boost

Soft4Boost is a group of highly trained and like-minded programmers from around the globe who work together to create the best applications for your PC that make your computing experience easier and more productive.

The team at Soft4Boost is comprised of talents from more than 10 countries and from many different areas of technological expertise. Our team is dedicated and enthusiastic and combines their expertise to create state-of-the-art and easy to use software for your PC. We also have a team of highly trained professionals who assist us with testing the software, supporting the end-user, and translating the software into multiple different languages.

The products created at Soft4Boost are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, in 32 and 64-bit versions. You can learn more about Soft4Boost and the products we offer by visiting our website at

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